January 10, 2010

January roster 2010!!!

January roster 2010:

1.2-4 First flight of the year...Beijing China! again???!!! i told you i dont need chinese flight! smelly flights!!! disgusting smelly feet on those chinese flights...wondering how comes they are so smelly more than others!!! bummer!!!

1.7-8 Manila, Phillipines (not so interesting layover...24 hrs)
1.9-10 OFF
1.11 Athes, turn around...bloody long!!!
1.12 OFF
1.13 Nairobi, Kenya (turn around!!! can u believe that? 10 hrs flying time...is a turn around!!! only EK...)
1.14-15 OFF
1.16-18 Dusseldorf!!! (oh yeah~~~this is what i need!!!)
1.19 OFF
1.20-21 Rome, Italy!!! (pizza, pasta, cafe, Coliseous!!!)
1.22-23 OFF
1.24-29 Singapore Melbourne 6 days trip!!! (swapped with my NYC flight!)

In general, i am happy with my roster after all swaps were done! apart from chinese flight, i have nothing to say! yehaaaa~

have a nice one! thanks for reading! ;o)

December roster~~~China! language speaker lol...

Dear readers,
First of all Happy New Year to you all, hope you have enjoyed your holidays along with ur loved ones!!! I havent updated my blog for quite long, many reasons behind this late post is because i have been flying more than usual, flying hours more than 100 hrs per month! So getting really lazy and lack of energy to update my journey...hehehe...sorry to you all~

My last month december roster is detailed as follows:

12.10 Airport Stanby 06:00-09:00

(here, i need to say something...i swapped one turn around flight on the 11th, because it was a midnight departure flight, so Dec 10th is my rest day...this is a very senseless policy! I didnt touch my rest day when i swapped for extra day off...therefore i could stay 4 more days at home with family and friends. Guess what this company had done to me...they changed my rest day to 'CAN USE' duty!!! which means they can either give me a day off or any standby duty! but 11-14 are my days off, i wrote an email to my manager and got no response...at the end some management people replied me saying that they can't change my can use duty to a day off!!! I explained to them how difficult is for me to go home only 2-3 times a year! Costa Rica is located another way around the earth!!! He said...' I understand the difficulty for you to go home, but we do expect you to come back earlier at the end of ur leave to ensure you have enought rest before your next duty!' this is just annoying and ridiculous~~~what kind of understanding is that! If you really understand how tough for me to go home twice a year, you should be flexible and change my can use duty to a day off! You bastards, made me come back to Dubai on the 9th and then the next day...assigned me for Airport standby starting 6am!!! i just landed back from Costa Rica the night just before my standby day! I hate you!!! then you guys didnt pull me out! made me sitting there for 3 hours for nothing...i was damn exhausted...are you sure you really understand my difficulty? we need to be wherever and whenever you request us to be, but when u need something just so minimum...ONE DAY OFF!!! it was so hard for you to change that! You didnt need me for that standby time! you did it on purpose! I have never experienced this kind of nasty threatment before!!! I am very upset recently because of that! If you can really think about it...what have you done to me, have you ever appreciated my hard work on board, have you ever thought of how hard for us to go home 16 hours flight plus 3 hours and half everytime we fly back home??? Thus, I dont deserve this kind of demotivation!)

12.14-16 Beijing China (yeah i am language speaker, but please i dont want it coz I am not from China!)
12.20-23 Singapore 50 hrs! (swapped from my Shanghai flight...once again i dont want chinese flights!)
12.25-27 Beijing China !!!OMG~~~you really wanna upset me! :o(
12.31 Chennai, India....fabulous...you give me this flight more than once...what have i done to you??? I need layovers!!! hate turn arounds~~~

This is my personal space to express my words and feelings, no offence to anyone! Please be happy! ;o)


November 9, 2009

November roster!

NO TURN AROUNDS!!! wohoooo~i love my roster! top bid and didnt get any turn around flights...because i bid for avoid turn arounds~hahaha...here you are November roster:

11.1 OFF
11.2-4 New York JFK!!!
11.5-6 OFF
11.7-9 Kolkata, India...(my first layover in India)
11.10-12 Moscow, Russia (freezing!!!)
11.13 OFF
11.14 rest day
11.15-17 Osaka Japan!!! (going to Kyoto to see red maple trees~)
11.18-19 OFF
11.20-23 Los Angeles USA!!! (Swapped with my Singapore 50 hrs...i regret a bit now...)
11.24 start my holidays!!! til 12.08

Thanks god, i got all i asked for! this is the first time i got everything i wanted except Kolkata, Moscow and Singapore (now L.A)

Very excited to go to L.A~~~Hollywood land! but i heard the flight itself is a crap! 16 hrs...with 'interesting' & 'demanding' passengers on board...now i regret...i wanna go to Singapore!!! way much better than 16 hrs L.A (Orz///)

Wish me luck!!! ;o)

September 28, 2009

Octuber roster---revised! I am a swap master~

When i got my Octuber roster...i almost fainted! 5 turn arounds~~~nightmare! 2 Mumbai, 1 Bahrain, 1 Chennai, 1 Tehran! Looks like the worst roster i ever had...only good things is that i got 2 Osaka which i bid for...but again originally i had 3 Osaka...then they removed me and put me to Cape town~~~i am so pissed off with the rostering people...why there are people rarely get turn arounds or maybe 1...but i got 5 in my second top bid position?! Anyway, i used my swap skill and managed to swap away my 2 @#X$%^!* BOM flights and SHORT BAH flight for something else...this is the final result:

Octuber roster:
10.01 in Brisbane (continue my last trip on the 27th)
10.02 Brisbane-Dubai
10.03-05 OFF (maybe going to Rome!)
10.06 Rest day
10.07-09 Osaka, Japan!
10.10-12 OFF (going to Dusseldorf to see mein lieber!)
10.13-15 Hamburg, Germany
10.16 Rest day
10.17-19 Jakarta, Indonesia!
10.20-21 OFF (what to do? mmmm...Athens perhaps?!)
10.22 Rest day
10.23-25 Osaka Japan!
10.26-27 OFF (what to do again? mmmmm...no more money to spend on tickets hahaha!)
10.28-29 Chennai India (long turn around...lol)
10.30-31 Tehran, Iran (havent done it for a while...)

See...my 2 shitty turn arounds to BOM are gone!!! hahahaha~thanks god~sorry Mr Scheduling I am not Indian and i dont speak Hindu! okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~~~stop giving me hard time loooooooooooool....i have very good performance on board all the time!!! ;o))

Cheers! Have a safe flight to all flight attendants! ;o)

September 4, 2009

September not so innovative roster...

This is my september roster...it came out on time but i am missing my Osaka flight! As i checked before it came out and i saw i had one Osaka flight...but when the roster was released it was gone!!! Dont understand why they removed me instead of other girls...i am 3rd top bidding position!!! But anyway i got 4 days off and 2 Dusseldorf flights which i bidded for...and now I only need to get rid of Mumbai...for a day off!!!

Sep 1...OFF
Sep 2-3...Vienna, Austria (my 5th Vienna in a year! nice layover~)
Sep 4-5... OFF
Sep 6-8...Dusseldorf, Germany (mein lieber!!! mein Schatz!!!)
Sep 9...OFF
Sep 10-12...Dusseldorf, Germany (yeah another one heheh...)
Sep 13-15 Milan, Italy (trying to swap for Osaka!!!)
Sep 16...Mumbai (noooooooooooooo~~~~~~~~~~~~need day off!!!)
Sep 17-26 On Holiday!!! (yeah going to Sweden!!!)
Sep 27-Oct 2...Brisbane & Auckland trip! (another long journey!)

Overall, this roster doesnt please me much except 2 dusseldorf flights and days off...all other layovers are just repeatitive and not attracting at all. I wonder why they keep giving me the same destinations over and over...please give me new ones next month okay! and i need my osaka flight back~ ;o)))

August 17, 2009

August Roster~

well...forgot to post this month roster, anyway is not as wonderful as i thought...didnt bid anything and this is what i got...4 layovers and 3 turn arounds...apart from roster was delayed seriously due to short of crew, and many of them are taking unpaid leave~what an awkward thing! very annoying when we couldnt see the roster on the 26th! let's hope next month roster will be out on time!!!

8.1-8.4 Days off
8.5-8.10 Dubai-Brisbane-Auckland! (My first Auckland trip!!! had Q.Q. rice!!! yumy~)
8.11-8.12 Days off
8.13-8.15 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia! (good eat and good shops!)
8.16-8.17 Mumbai...X@#$%7 (called sick at the end...thanks god! why always got this flight???)
8.18 OFF
8.19-21 London Heathrow!!! (tried to swap but impossible~)
8.21-23 OFF to see mein lieber in Dusseldorf!!!
8.24-26 Munich but swapped for Dusseldorf
8.27-28 Bangalore India...another unwanted turn around!
8.29 Day off
8.30-31 Beiruit, Lebanon (looooooooool....too many turn arounds!!! are we short of people or what?)

So, last month i didnt get any turn arounds...but this month yeah...3!!! I dont like turn around flight at all, doesnt matter is a short one or long one! Please stay away from my monthly roster! Thanks~ ;o)

July 23, 2009

Prague~a city full of history and art! (unfinished...)

Since i got 5 days off in a row, therefore i planned a trip to Czech Republic which i would say that is one of the best place you can't miss out. However, July is a peak season to travel around and is a tough season for airlines crew to travel on standby tickets. With no exception, i am one of the examples. I had purchased 2 tickets, one to Vienna so i can take a train later on to go to Prague and the other was to Frankfurt which is the second choice if Vienna flight was full...Indeed, it happened exactly what i had forcasted lol...I arrive at Dubai Airport just hour and half for standby luck and along with me there were 2 serbian crew same as me but they were heading back home but via Vienna as well...which means i had nearly no chance to get on the flight as Vienna flight that day was overbooked and as a result we couldn't get on the flight to Vienna...then now comes the second option which is going through Frankfurt and of course no way i will take a train or any land transportation to Prague, as it might take 9-12 hours traveling...lol this will drive me insane! Hence, 3 of us we came back to the airport for the FRA flight and i did check previously and the load was optimist so we had no problem and all went on FRA flight. The only tricky thing we had to do upon our arrival into Frankfurt, we gotta buy a zed fare ticket to go to our different destination. And luckly they issued the ticket for me to go to Prague with Lufthansa but arriving at Prague around midnight...and i had no idea how to go to the city after 00:00 from Prague airport~
Seems like i was pretty lucky when i arrived in Prague, there was still bus running every hour...so i took the bus and head to Prague downtown around 1 am...i ended up so tiring in a budget hotel which was the only option i could find with my budget! hahaha, don't laugh! not all flight attendants are rich hey! :0( anyway i am very impressed that most of the czech people can speak quite good english maybe because it is a very demaning and attracting to tourism so English has become their common language...just guessing.

The history of Prague spans thousands of years, during which time the city grew from a castle known as Vyšehrad to the multicultural capital of a modern European state, the Czech Republic. Check out the photos below which i visited. What an amazing and historical castle!